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About Lathe Cut Records

Each record is handmade and cut in real time using a Presto 6N from the 1920s.

Lathe cut runs are an alternative to pressed records, but in no way a substitute.

The records are cut in mono and have an amount of surface noise to each record.

Each run is tested on the more economic record players to ensure best playability on all turntables.

Everything is done to optimize the equipment and get the best cut possible and to create something unique and one of a kind.

Lathe Cut Playback Notes:

Lathe cut records are cut by a person, in real time, one by one. The drop of the cutting needle is done by hand, therefore it is suggested that you place the playback needle manually rather than use any autoplay function.

If you place the tonearm on the record and the sound is extremely distorted, gently nudge the needle and it will fall into the correct groove.